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Delete A Customer In QuickBooks


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This free QuickBooks instructional exercise will tell you the best way to erase a client from the Customers and Jobs list in QuickBooks Pro 2013. Be prompted that you can possibly erase a client if there are no positions or exchanges related with that client. In the event that there is an exchange related with the client, you can make it idle. You can figure out how to make a client idle in Lesson 11.how to delete customer in quickbooks play out the accompanying advances:

1. Snap the Customer symbol on the symbol bar, or snap Customer on the menu bar, at that point click Customer Center.

2. Right-click on the client that you need to erase, at that point click Delete Customer Job. Keep in mind, this must be done if there are no positions or exchanges related with the client.

3. Affirm that you need to erase the client.

4. The client Dewey Duck has been erased.

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